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Guatemala Transmetro.JPG
Buses of Transmetro at Mariscal station in November 2007
Locale Guatemala City, Guatemala
Transit type Bus rapid transit
Number of lines 3
Number of stations 37
Daily ridership About 120,000
Began operation February 3, 2007
Operator(s) Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Guatemala (Municipality of Guatemala City)
Number of vehicles About 250 Articulated buses
Average speed 50 km/h (31.07 mph)

Transmetro is a bus rapid transit system in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The first line opened on February 3, 2007. The fleet consists of modern Volvo buses made by Ciferal in Brasil. The buses have fixed stops and partly run on dedicated lanes, avoiding other traffic. Both stops and vehicles are guarded by municipal police. Service began in 2007 with a route between the City Hall (Municipalidad) and a market place at Centra Sur (Southern Transfer Station). The second route, Eje Central, started operations on August 14, 2010. This route serves the central corridor between 6th and 7th Avenue of Zones 1, 4, and 9.


Buses run down the middle of the street, separated from other traffic, and stop at stations approximately every kilometer. The stations are in the middle of the street, located near areas of heavy pedestrian activity. Platforms are elevated so as to be level with the floor of the bus. Passengers may access the station via stairways, street crossings, or, in some places, underground tunnels. Elevator access for the disabled is not presently available. However, handicapped individuals can cross the street to access transportation through gates painted with a wheelchair logo. Roofs in the stations are covered with a transparent plastic covering.

The buses are articulated Brazilian-made vehicles manufactured by Volvo and can carry approximately 100 passengers, including standing passengers.

Security is provided by Guatemala City's transit police. Officers in fluorescent yellow vests are situated at most stations on the route. Sometimes security personnel ride on the Transmetro.

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