Hardberg (Odenwald)

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Highest point
Elevation 593 m (1,946 ft)
Prominence 178 metres (584 ft)
Location Hesse, Germany

Hardberg is a hill in the Odenwald range in Hesse, Germany.

It is home to the Hardberg Transmission Tower, a 135-metre-high free-standing lattice tower on the Hardberg mountain in Germany at 49°32′28″N 8°48′17″E / 49.54111°N 8.80472°E / 49.54111; 8.80472. The Hardberg Transmission Tower is 135 metres high, weighs 130 tons and stands on an area of 12 * 12 metres.

Coordinates: 49°32′24″N 8°48′13″E / 49.54000°N 8.80361°E / 49.54000; 8.80361