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Transocean Tours
Industry Transportation
Founded 1957
Products Cruises

Transocean Tours is a German cruise line that operates three ocean-going cruise ships in the German and British markets and five river cruise ships in Germany. The company was formed in 1954 and first began operating cruises in 1972, using ships chartered from the Soviet Union-based Baltic Shipping Company.[1][2]


Astoria in Kiel in 2007.

Transocean Tours Turistik was formed in West Germany in 1954. In 1967 the company became the West German agents of the Soviet Union-based Baltic Shipping Company, marketing cruises on the MS Alexandr Pushkin and MS Estonia. In 1972 Transocean Tours chartered the Estonia for full-time German market cruising. She was subsequently followed by several ships, including river cruise ships, chartered from both the Baltic Shipping Company and the Black Sea Shipping Company. Until the 1990s the chartered ships retained their Soviet funnel colours even when in Transocean service. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union the company begun chartering ships from other companies, starting with MS Calypso in 1994. At the same ships in Transocean service started to be painted in the company's white/blue livery.[1]

Between 1997 and 2001, the company fleet consisted of just two ships, the ocean-going cruise ship MS Astor and the river cruise ship MS Moldavia. In 2001, the river cruise ship MS Ukraina re-joined the fleet, followed by the Astor's near-sister MS Astoria in 2002. Another river cruise ship joined the fleet in 2005, while MS Arielle was chartened in 2006 for British-market cruising. In 2008 the Arielle was replaced by MS Marco Polo.[1]

In 2008, Transocean Tours stated the charter of the Astoria would be terminated in 2009, and that the company are looking for another ship to replace her. She was sold to Saga Cruises operating as Saga Pearl II with a short period as "Quest for Adevnture" in 2012/13. [3] [4]

On 4 September 2010, Transocean Tours announced that the Germany-based line would be going through a restructuring. This restructuring is also known in the U.S. as Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.[5] After a period of uncertainty Transocean was sold to South Quay Travel & Leisure Ltd. in early 2014 and since then operated as the German branch of Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

In addition to their own Astor; Transocean Tours currently also offers cruises on CMV's cruise ships Magellan and Columbus and on several river cruise ships (Bellejour, Belvedere, Sans Souci).

It was announced on March 7, 2018 that CMV purchased the Pacific Eden from P&O Cruises Australia. She will sail under the Transocean brand; sailing to Northern & Western Europe during the summer and Australia during the winter replacing Astor. Astor will be embarking on a world tour.[6][7]

Current Fleet[edit]

Ship Built In Service for Transocean Tours Tonnage Flag Notes Image
Astor 1987 2013 – present 20,704 GT  Bahamas Joining the CMV fleet in November 2013, the ship is sailing for Cruise & Maritime Voyages/Transocean Tours, and will sail both northbound and southbound voyages, by way of South Africa, in addition to round-Australia. MS Astor, Fremantle, 2016 (04).JPG

Future Fleet[edit]

Name Currently sailing as Built In Service for Transocean Tours Tonnage Flag Notes Image
TBA Pacific Eden 1992 2019 55,451 GT  Bahamas Sold to Cruise & Maritime Voyages; will sail under the Transocean Tours brand, and will sail Europe in the winter and Australia in the summer replacing Astor.[8][9] Pacific Eden, Fremantle, 2015 (02).JPG

Former Fleet[edit]

Ship Built In service Chartered from Tonnage Flag Notes Image
MS Alexandr Pushkin/MS Marco Polo 1965 1979? - 1981/2008 - 2010 Baltic Shipping Company/Far Eastern Shipping Company, Global Maritime 22,080 GRT Leningrad,  Soviet Union/ Bahamas Currently sailing for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Marco Polo Helsinki 2008-08-22.jpg
MS Calypso 1967 1994 - 2000 ? 11,162 GRT  Bahamas She later became The Calypso and was owned by Louis Cruises scrapped late 2013. The Calypso cruise ship at Rhodes, Greece 2008.jpeg
MS Gripsholm 1965 1996 - 1997 Norwegian American Line 24,528 GRT  Bahamas Chartered for six months and later sold to Saga Cruises after being damaged by fire, she would become the Saga Rose and later was sold for scrap in 2009. "Gripsholm" - Southampton, 1996.jpg
MS Astoria 1981 2002—2009 Club Cruise 18,853 GRT  Bahamas Entered service in 2009 as MS Saga Pearl II with Saga Cruises.[10] Astoria Kiel (cropped).jpg
MS Arielle 1970 2006 - 2008 Louis Cruises 23,149 GRT  Bahamas Was returned to Louis Cruises in 2008, 3 years earlier than scheduled; later sold and as of 2012, she is laid up. MS Arielle Kiel2007.jpg
MS Astor 1987 2001-2014 Astor Shipping/Premicon 20,606 GRT  Bahamas Currently sailing for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Astor departing Tallinn 31 August 2012.JPG


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