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Transport Scotland
Còmhdhail Alba
Transport Scotland logo.png
Executive Agency overview
Formed 1 January 2006
Jurisdiction Scotland
Headquarters Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow G4 0HF
Employees 400
Minister responsible
Executive Agency executive
  • Roy Brannen, Chief Executive
Website Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Còmhdhail Alba) was created on 1 January 2006 as the national transport agency of Scotland. It is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government and accountable to Scottish Ministers.


In September 2010 Transport Scotland merged with Transport Directorate of core Scottish Government. They continue to be called Transport Scotland although they now have responsibility for all transport related issues across Scotland.

The agency currently has six directorates:

  • Aviation, Maritime, Freight and Canals
  • Finance, Corporate and Analytical Services
  • Major Transport Infrastructure Projects
  • Transport Policy
  • Rail
  • Trunk Road and Bus Operations

Transport Scotland works in partnership with private sector transport operators, local authorities, government and regional transport partnerships (RTPs).

Transport Scotland are also responsible for managing Traffic Scotland.

Traffic Scotland[edit]

Through the Traffic Scotland service, Transport Scotland provides a public service that aims to deliver safe and reliable trunk roads. The focus of Traffic Scotland is to minimise the effects of congestion, breakdowns and unforeseen events on the trunk road network. The Traffic Scotland service delivers traveller information for the Scottish Trunk Road network through a process of 'monitor, control and inform'.

  • Monitor: The Traffic Scotland service monitors the network using CCTV, roadside hardware, communication with the police, weather forecasts and major event management services.
  • Control: All information collected through the monitoring process is processed within the Traffic Scotland Control Centre. The Traffic Scotland Control Centre operates 24 hours a day to ensure that traffic and travel information disseminated as part of the Traffic Scotland service is accurate.
  • Inform: Traffic and travel information processed by the Traffic Scotland Control Centre is then disseminated via the Traffic Scotland service, including the Traffic Scotland website, the Traffic Customer Care Line, the Traffic Scotland mobile website, the Traffic Scotland Information Kiosks, road side Variable Message Signs (VMS) and via the multiple Traffic Scotland data services available to public, corporate and media users.

Traffic Scotland also provide Freight Information which is a real-time traffic information website aimed at logistics operators and HGV drivers operating in Scotland. This section of their site provides the same functionality with some additional freight related information and web-links.

In November 2016 they introduced a real-time service to allow drivers to track which roads had been gritted.[1]


In September 2008 Transport Scotland announced that all First ScotRail trains (including from the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) would be eventually repainted in a new, blue livery with white Saltire markings on the carriage ends. The livery would remain unchanged in the event of a change of operating franchisee.[2] Transport Scotland also works alongside ScotRail and Network Rail as part of the ScotRail Alliance to implement transport policy and co-ordinate responses to railway matters.

Regional Transport Partnerships[edit]


Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

South West[edit]




Central and Tay[edit]




Highlands and Islands[edit]




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