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Transport in Flanders is run in two levels regarding the federal nature of Belgium with certain functions run on behalf of the national Cabinet of Belgium and other functions run on behalf of Flemish Government. Therefore, the railways are run at national level by NMBS and are under the auspices of the Cabinet of Belgium, whilst the light railways are run at regional level by De Lijn under the auspices of the Flemish Government. The railway infrastructure is managed by Infrabel and thus is under the auspices of the Cabinet of Belgium.


The NMBS runs trains across Flanders such as Belgian railway line 50A connecting Oostende with Brugge, Gent-Sint-Peters and Brussel Zuid-Bruxelles Midi. De Lijn runs trams in Ghent, Antwerp with the Antwerp Pre-metro and also the coastal tram Kusttram.


Ports and harbours[edit]

The Port of Antwerp is one of the largest in Europe and the world

Sea ports[edit]


Former ferries that accepted foot passengers[edit]

Regie voor Maritiem Transport was a national company that closed in 1997, which ran ferries to Dover Western Docks from Oostende.


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