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Can Rigal Trambaix station, in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Public transport in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat is operated by several companies, most of which are part of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità, a transport authority managing services in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. L'Hospitalet is located immediately to the west of Barcelona's Sants-Montjuïc and Les Corts districts, meaning transit between the two cities is quite straightforward, even though it was not fully implemented until late. This article intends to list the different transportation services within limits of the municipality of L'Hospitalet.

Barcelona Metro stations[edit]

Stations under construction are listed in italics.

Name Opened Lines
Avinguda Carrilet 1987 L1, L8
Bellvitge 1989 L1
Can Boixeres 1976 L5
Can Serra 1987 L1
Can Vidalet 1986 L5
Collblanc 1969 L5, L9, L10
Ernest Lluch Under construction L5
Europa-Fira 2007 L8, L9
Fira 2-Pedrosa Under construction L2, L9
Florida 1987 L1
Gornal 1987 L8, L9, L10
Hospital de Bellvitge 1989 L1
Pubilla Cases 1973 L5
Rambla Just Oliveras 1987 L1
Sant Josep 1985 L8
Santa Eulàlia 1932 (rebuilt on new site in 1983)[1][2] L1
Torrassa 1983 L1, L9, L10

Rodalies Barcelona stations[edit]

Name Opened Lines
Bellvitge 1994 (original structure) 2
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat 1854 (original structure) 1, 3, 4

Trambaix stations[edit]

Tram stations within L'Hospitalet.

Name Opened Routes
Sant Ramon 2004 T1, T2, T3
Can Rigal 2004 T1, T2, T3

Day bus lines[edit]

Intermunicipal buses[edit]

  • L10.- El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Cornellà-Esplugues-St. Joan Desoí
  • L12.-Cornellà-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L14.-L'Hospitalet (Rbla. Marina)-Barcelona (Flos i Calcat)
  • L16.-L'Hospitalet (Av. Josep Molins)-Barcelona (Mineria)
  • L52.-L'Hospitalet (St. Eulàlia)- Cornellà-St. Joan Despí-St. Feliu de Llobregat
  • L70.-St. Boi-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L72.-St. Boi-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L80.-Gavà-Viladecans-St. Boi-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L81.-Gavà-Viladecans-St. Boi-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L82.-Gavà-Viladecans-St. Boi-Cornellà-L'Hospitalet
  • L86.-Viladecans-St. Boi-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L87.-Viladecans-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • L94.-Castelldefels Platja-Barcelona
  • L95.-Castelldefels-Gavà-Viladecans-El Prat-L'Hospitalet-Barcelona
  • ESPLUJUST-St. Just-Esplugues-L'Hospialet-Esplugues

Autobusos de Barcelona[edit]

  • Operated by Autobusos de Barcelona.
  • 57.- Cornellà-L'Hospitalet (Collblanc)-Barcelona
  • 65.-Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-El Prat
  • 79.-Barcelona-L'Hospitalet (metro carrilet)
  • 106.-Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-El Prat-Aeroport
  • 153.-Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-Esplugues-Cornellà
  • 165.-Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-El Prat
  • 157.-Barcelona (Pg. Marítim)-L'Hospitalet-Esplugues-St. Joan Despí

L'Hospitalet-only buses[edit]

Operated by Rosanbus.

  • L'H1
  • L'H2

Night bus lines[edit]

  • N13.- Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-Cornellà-St. Boi
  • N14.- Barcelona-L'Hospitalet-Esplugues-Cornellà-St. Boi-Viladecans-Gavà-Castelldefels
  • N15.- Barcelona L'Hospitalet-Cornellà-St. Joan Desoí

Coach stations[edit]

Transport in the municipalities of Barcelonès[edit]

Transport in other municipalities of the Metropolitan Area[edit]

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