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The government of Myanmar (earlier known as Burma) has two ministries controlling transportation:

  1. Ministry of Transport
  2. Ministry of Rail Transport


total: 27,000 km (16,777 mi)
paved: 3,200 km (1,988 mi)
unpaved: 23,800 km (14,789 mi) (2006)

The main highways are as follows:

There is one expressway in the country, which features double carriageway and four lanes on its entire length:

The other Highways are as follows:

In 2017, Yangon launched a bus network system that would reduce traffic and commute time of some two million commuters in the city.[1]


As of February 2008, Myanmar had 5,099 km (3,168 mi) of railways, all 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) gauge. There are currently no rail links to adjacent countries.


12,800 km (7,954 mi); 3,200 km (1,988 mi) navigable by large commercial vessels. (2008)

Belmond Ltd operates its business in Ayeyarwady River by the name Road to Mandalay River Cruise. Irrawaddy Flotilla Company was also in service along the Ayeyarwady River in the 20th century, until 1942, when the fleet was destroyed to prevent invading Japanese forces from making use of it. The IFC has since been revived as Pandaw, named for a salvaged original IFC ship, and is now one of the leading river cruise companies in the country.

Merchant marine[edit]

total: 24 ships (with a volume of 1,000 gross tonnage (GT) or over) totalling 472,284 GT/716,533 tonnes deadweight (DWT)
Ships by type: bulk carrier 1, cargo ship 17, passenger ship 2, passenger/cargo 3, specialised tanker 1 (2008)
note: a flag of convenience registry; includes ships of 3 countries: Cyprus 1, Germany 1, Japan 1

Ports and harbours[edit]




In July 2010, the country had 69 airports. Only 11 of them had runways over 3250 meters. Of the 11, only Yangon International and Mandalay International had adequate facilities to handle larger jets.[2]
total: 69
over 3,047 m: 11
1524 to 3,047 m: 27
Under 1524 m: 31




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