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The transportation system of Oslo county and Oslo city is a cooperation of different systems of infrastructure. Oslo is the most populous city in Norway and offers a large range of transportation systems. The public transportation system include buses, trams, metro and railway, and several large Norwegian and European roadways go through Oslo.


The main highways entering Oslo are the European route E18 and European route E6. Within Oslo, Oslo Tramway shares roadways with automobile traffic. The structure of the roads from the city centre to the suburbs and outskirts of town is covered by 3 ring roads, Ring 1, Ring 2 and Ring 3. Use of car is possible within most of Oslo. The past years the roads in the centre of Oslo have been updated. Traffic is densest during rush hour in and out of Oslo.The use of plug-in electric vehicles in Norway is the largest per capita in the world. And Oslo was honored the EV capitol in the world in 2012.[1] EVs have government given privileges like using the collective and public transport lane, free parking in public parking lots with free charging and free toll station passes.

Ring 3 at Teisen


Norways largest railroad lines are connected in Oslo. Oslo central station (Oslo S) connects 6 counties with the Oslo Commuter Rail.

Map of the railway lines in Norway.
electrified lines
non-electrified lines
disused or heritage lines


The Oslo Metro (Norwegian: Oslo T-bane or Oslo Tunnelbane or simply T-banen) is the rapid transit system of Oslo, Norway, operated by Oslo T-banedrift on contract from the transit authority Ruter. The network consists of six lines that all run through the city centre, with a total length of 80 kilometres (50 mi). Jernbanetorget metro station is closely connected to Oslo s


Oslo's main airport is located in Akershus county. Transportation to the airport from Oslo is offered with several airport-bus services, NSB trains and a privately run airport train.

Other airports connected to Oslo is Sandefjord Airport Torp and Moss airport Rygge, these are also outside Oslo county but can be reached by both bus and train.


Oslo has local ferries that offer service to different locations around the Oslofjord like Bygdøfergene, The Nesodden ferries and the Oslo ferries. Oslo also has ferry connections to Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The ferry Smørbukk


Oslo has several bicycle roads around town. Oslo also offers rental bikes.


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