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This article is about transport in Petah Tikva, Israel.


The bus lane on Jabotinsky Road, Petah Tikva (View from the Calatrava bridge)

Petah Tikva is enclosed by four highways - Geha Highway, Highway 5, Highway 40 and Maccabit Road (Highway 471, which opened in November 2007). Highways 4 and 5 are freeways within Petah Tikva. Road 483 connects Petah Tikva and nearby Rosh HaAyin, and Road 4713 connects it with Kfar Sirkin.

Another major road and perhaps the main transportation artery of the city is Jabotinsky Road (Road 481), which connects Petah Tikva with Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv. It is one of the busiest roads in Israel and the Tel Aviv Subway is expected to go through its length.


Petah Tikva has two railway stations – the Segula station, which is located near the Yarkon Interchange and is separated from the rest of the city, and the Kiryat Aryeh station. Both stations are near industrial zones and mainly serve commuters from other towns who work in Petah Tikva, not Petah Tikva's own population.

A railway station existed in a more central area in Petah Tikva in the past, on the former Tel Aviv – Petah Tikva line. Citing the success of the Be'er Sheva Center Railway Station spur, a plan for a train station near the central bus station of Petah Tikva was included in the Israel Railways secondary expansion plan (post-2013). However, it was frozen due to local opposition.

Light rail[edit]

Red Line
Petah Tikva
Central Bus Station
Bus interchange
Pinsker Street
Orlev Street
Dankner Street
Beilinson Hospital
Rabin Medical Center
Shenkar Street
Kiryat Aryeh
suburban rail
Israel Railways
Em HaMoshavot Road
ISR-HW4 blue.PNG Highway 4
Petah Tikva
Bnei Brak
Aharonovich Street
Ben Gurion Road
Bnei Brak
Ramat Gan
Bialik Street
Abba Hillel Road
ISR-HW20.png Ayalon Highway
Ramat Gan
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Central Bus interchange
Arlozorov Street
2000 Terminal
Sha'ul HaMelech Blvd
Yehudit Blvd
Carlebach Street
Allenby Street
Elifelet Street
Tel Aviv
Salame Road
Ben Tsvi Road
Erlich Street
Isakov Street
Baal Shem Tov Blvd
Mahrozet Street
Bat Yam
Ha'atzmaut Blvd
Rothschild Street
Jabotinsky Street
Balfour Street
Yoseftal Street
29 November Street
Ha'Amal Street
Nisanboim Street Bus interchange

The Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line will pass through Petah Tikva as a ground-level light rail system, expected to be operational in 2014. It is planned to go through Jabotinsky and Orlov streets and works to expand the streets and create public transportation lanes started in 2005, and 2009 work on the first station of the light rail next to the Beilinson Hospital are in progress.

The Red Line depot will also be located in Petah Tikva, next to the Kiryat Aryeh business park.


Kavim buses waiting at the Kaplan Terminal near the Beilinson Hospital.

A number of bus companies operate throughout the city, with numerous terminals. The Egged Bus Cooperative handles inter-city lines, the Dan Bus Company is responsible for lines from Petah Tikva to other cities in Gush Dan as well as to the West Bank (but not lines within Petah Tikva), while Afikim handles lines within the city.

The transfer of internal lines from Dan to Kavim was made in April 2006 amid severe opposition from Petah Tikva's residents.[citation needed] In 2016, the lines were transferred again from Kavim to Afikim.

The main bus terminal in Petah Tikva is the central bus station. Other terminals include the Sirkin Terminal, Beit Rivka, the Kaplan/Beilinson Terminal and the nearby mall, which is also a large transport hub. The main junctions of the city which serve as major inter-city bus stops are Segula Junction (roads 40/481), Ganim Junction (roads 40/483), Sirkin Junction (roads 40/4713) and Geha Interchange (roads 4/481).

In August 2009, Petah Tikva became the first city in Israel to deploy electronic signs on regular bus stations throughout the city. Six such stations were set up in the pilot run, and 50 are slated eventually.[1]

Petah Tikva Central Bus Station[edit]

Petah Tikva Central Bus Station

The Petah Tikva Central Bus Station, abbreviated Petah Tikva CBS, is the main bus station in Petah Tikva, Israel. It serves Afikim, Dan, Egged and Kavim buses. It is officially located on Zeev Orlov St. 64 on one side and Zeev Orlov St. 75 on the other.

The Petah Tikva Central Bus Station has four platforms, each of which contains a multitude of small bus stations - two platforms are in an enclosed area to the side of Orlov St. and serve Dan and Kavim buses, while the other two platforms are on Orlov Street itself and serve Egged buses.

According to Petah Tikva's municipality, there are plans to renovate and rebuild the central bus station, due to its worsening conditions (a basic analysis gave it a 4/10). The station is considered polluted, and its passengers are exposed to rainfall and other weather conditions.[2]

The following buses stop at the Petah Tikva Central Bus Station. Many of their routes, especially Egged's, do not originate in the station but come from Tel Aviv.


  • Most routes go both ways, but not all.
  • Some routes are tagged with alternate route – routes which are normally different, and don't stop at the Petah Tikva CBS, but do on certain occasions.


Line Route
396 Petah Tikva CBS – Eilat CBS (summer only)
159 Petah Tikva CBS – Camp Tzrifin (mornings only)
164 Petah Tikva CBS – Rehovot CBS (via Rishon LeZion)
249 Petah Tikva CBS – Rehovot CBS (via Lod, Ramla)
423 Petah Tikva CBS – Jerusalem CBS (mornings only)
551 Petah Tikva CBS – Herzliya CBS
561 Tel Aviv CBSKfar Saba CBS
571 Tel Aviv CBS – Kfar Saba CBS
823 Tel Aviv CBS – Nazareth Illit
921 Tel Aviv CBS – Haifa Hof HaCarmel CBS


Line Route
7/7א Rosh HaAyin Cemetery Terminal - Petah Tikva HaHarash Terminal
10/10א Petah Tikv CBS - Yoseftal neighborhood
17 Petah Tikva CBS - Rosh HaAyin Cemetery Terminal
21 Petah Tikva CBS - Petah Tikva CBS via Kfar Maas
23 Sgula Industrial Area - Petah Tikva Beit Rivka
25 Petah Tikva CBS - Petah Tikva Beit Rivka
27 Rosh HaAyin Cemetery Terminal - Petah Tikva HaHarash Terminal
31 Petah Tikva CBS - Petah Tikva CBS
41 Petah Tikva CBS - Kiryat Matalon neighborhood
47 Giv'at Shmuel - Petah Tikva CBS
49/49א Petah Tikva CBS – Tel Aviv University
53/53א Petah Tikva CBS - Hadar HaMoshavot neighborhood
62 Schneider Terminal - Sgula Industrial Area
67 Petah Tikva CBS - Petah Tikva Sgula Train Station
81 Ra'anana - Kedumim Giv'at Shalem neighborhood (alternate route)
83 Petah Tikva CBS – Sdei Hemed
84 Petah Tikva CBS - Mazor
87 Petah Tikva CBS - Tel HaShomer
88 Petah Tikva CBS – Yarhiv
89/89א Petah Tikva CBS - Nahshonim
89 Immanuel - Bnei Brak
91 Petah Tikva CBS - Kfar Sirkin
97 Hadar Ganim neighbirhood - Petah Tikva CBS
99/99א Amisav - Petah Tikva CBS
127 Petah Tikva CBS - Tel Aviv CBS via Yarkon Cemetery
181 Kedumim - Petah Tikva CBS
183 Petah Tikva CBS – Sdei Hemed
185 Petah Tikva CBS - Etz Efraim
186 Ariel - Tel Aviv CBS
189 Immanuel - Bnei Brak
386 Petah Tikva CBS - Ariel University Center of Samaria (alternate route)


Southern section of the Petah Tikva Central Bus Station - Orlov Street (Egged platforms) are on the right, while Dan and Kavim platforms are in the center.
Line Route
1 Petah Tikva CBS – Bat Yam Sports Center
50 Petah Tikva CBS – Tel Aviv CBS (alternate route)
51 Petah Tikva CBS – Tel Aviv CBS
66 Petah Tikva CBS – Tel Aviv Carmelit Station
366 Petah Tikva CBS - Tel Aviv Atidim Terminal


Line Route
76 Petah Tikva CBS – Or Yehuda
78 Petah Tikva CBS – Or Yehuda
85 Petah Tikva CBS – Shoham
627 Tzoran – Tel Aviv CBS
641 Petah Tikva HaHarash Terminal – Netanya CBS
642 Tel Aviv CBS – Netanya CBS (evenings only)


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