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Transposition may refer to:

Logic and Mathematics[edit]

  • Transposition (mathematics), a permutation which exchanges two elements and keeps all others fixed
  • Transposition, producing the transpose of a matrix AT, which is computed by swapping columns for rows in the matrix A
  • Transposition (logic), a rule of replacement in philosophical logic


  • Transposition (chess), different moves or a different move order leading to the same position, especially during the openings
  • Transposition table, used in computer games to speed up the search of the game tree


Other uses[edit]

  • Transposition (law), the incorporation of the provisions of a European Union directive into a Member State's domestic law
  • Transposition (music), moving a note or collection of notes up or down in pitch by a constant number of semitones
  • Transposition (telecommunications), periodic swapping of positions of the conductors of a transmission line
  • Transposition cipher, an elementary cryptographic operation
  • Transposition, docking, and extraction an orbital maneuver performed on the Apollo lunar missions
  • Transposition, sleight of hand magic, a performer appears to make two different objects ([usually] coins or cards) switch places with one another faster than physically possible.