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Transvergence (1999) is actually a compilation book of novels by Charles Sheffield (ISBN 978-0671578374). Sometimes listed as a 6th book of the Heritage Universe series of novels, Transvergence is actually a compilation of book 3, Transcendence (published in 1992) and book 4, Convergence (published in 1997). The title, Transvergence is a mashup of those novels' titles.

Even though Transvergence was published in 1999, and Resurgence, the fifth (and last) book, was published in 2002, Transvergence is often seen listed after Resurgence. In lists that do not explain that it is simply a compilation of the 3rd and 4th novels, it can appear to be a continuation of the series. This may appear to be good news to those reading the series, since the author began a number of large, sweeping story arcs in book 5, Resurgence; however, the author died the same year Resurgence was published and it is doubtful that these story arcs will ever be completed.