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Transviolet 01 10 2018 -5 (39675287311).jpg
Background information
OriginSan Diego, Los Angeles
GenresAlternative rock, indie rock
Years active2015 (2015)–present
LabelsSony BMG
  • Sarah McTaggart
  • Judah McCarthy
  • Michael Panek
  • Jon Garcia

Transviolet is an American alternative rock band, formed in 2015. They consist of lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, with Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia as musicians and writers. The band initially formed online before moving to the West Coast to collaborate in person. They gained initial recognition after a local publicity stunt, celebrity endorsements, and after being selected for a Google Play commercial. They have released three full-length albums in addition to singles, and have played a number of high-profile tours and festivals.


McTaggart originally met Panek online.[1] At the time, McTaggart lived in Grand Cayman and Panek in San Diego, although As McTaggart later recalled, she initially lied on the site and stated she too was from San Diego, because that was where she wanted, but could not afford to move.[2][3] Panek in turn enlisted McCarthy and Garcia, both of whom he had known in high school.[1] The group collaborated at a distance at first, before relocating to the Los Angeles.[1][4] According to the group, their chosen name was inspired by the poem When The Violets Roar At The Sun, by Charles Bukowski, and chosen to mean "transcendence into a new, violet awareness".[1]

Transviolet first began gaining widespread recognition with endorsements from Harry Styles and Katy Perry.[5] McTaggart and Perry had known one another as children and attended the same church. While they had lost touch with one another, their mothers were still acquainted, and McTaggart's mother had shared the band's music with Perry's mother.[6]

The band caused some controversy early in their career, by sending out anonymous packages containing a cassette tape with "just press play" handwritten on each. The cassettes contained a recording of their song Girls Your Age, which was released online in mid 2015. It, along with their 2015 self titled EP garnered more than 20 million streams for its top three songs.[7][8] They toured with LANY in 2016.[7][9] Their song "New Bohemia" from their first album was chosen for use on a Google Play commercial,[2] and they were named the "band of the week" by The Guardian in January 2016.[10]

Transviolet was signed by Epic Records before being dropped by the label after the departure of the individual at Epic who signed the band. They were then picked up by Sony BMG, followed by the release of their EP Valley.[11][12]

The group performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden on October 22, 2018.[13] They also performed on the Today Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.[7][14] They have played a number of festivals, including Reading, Governors Ball, South by Southwest, and Firefly.[15]


McTaggart performing with Transviolet at the Made In LA festival in 2018
  • Sarah McTaggart (vocalist)
  • Judah McCarthy (guitarist)
  • Michael Panek (multi-instrumentalist)
  • Jon Garcia (drummer/producer)[7]


  • Transviolet (2015)
  • "LA Love" (single) (2016)
  • "Future" (single) (2016)
  • Kaleidoscopes (2017)
  • Valley (2018)

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