List of trapdoor spiders

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Trapdoor spider is a common name that is sometimes used to refer to different species of spider.

Families that contain trapdoor spiders:

  • Barychelidae, the brushed trapdoor spiders
  • Ctenizidae, medium-sized mygalomorph spiders
  • Euctenizidae, a family of spiders that make wafer-like or cork-like trapdoors
  • Idiopidae, also known as armored trapdoor spiders, a family of large tarantula-like spiders
  • Liphistiidae, a family of spiders from Southeast Asia, China and Japan
  • Migidae, also known as tree trapdoor spiders, occurring predominantly in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Nemesiidae, a family of relatively large, brown, elongated spiders with strong legs
  • Wafer trapdoor spider, species in the superfamily Cyrtauchenioidea and family Cyrtaucheniidae