Trap Gunner

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Trap Gunner
Developer(s) Racdym
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • JP: August 6, 1998
  • NA: September 30, 1998
  • EU: June 1999
Genre(s) action, strategy, puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Trap Gunner: Countdown to Oblivion (トラップガンナー Torappu Gannā?), known in Europe as Trap Runner, is a PlayStation video game published by Atlus in 1998. It is a strategy, arcade-style game for one or two players.


The purpose of the game to run around various levels and to set traps, which are invisible to your opponent. Players can shoot at one another while setting traps. Each character has a different melee weapon with unique attributes.

The story mode unveils each character's background and relation to the other characters.


  • Van Raily
  • John Bishous
  • Tenrou Ugetsu
  • Tico
  • Lou Riche
  • Abdol Rerin

Secret Characters[edit]

  • Rem
  • Dyn
  • Erg


  • Switch detonator An explosive device activated by pressing the X button, it is usually used in tandem with other traps
  • Mine A land mine that explodes when stepped on
  • Bomb Useless on its own, the bomb is very powerful in combination with the remote detonator or mine
  • Pitfall The pitfall halts an opponent's movement by trapping them in a pit for a few seconds, making them vulnerable to attacks
  • Force panel The force panel forces your foe in a preset direction; multiple force panels can be used to guide opponents into a mine or trap combination.
  • Gas Gas has the largest effect radius of all standalone traps and detonates via timer. Once the gas is set, it is only a matter of time before nerve agent permeates the area, damaging all players with constant health loss, which remains with the player for a few seconds once they escape the vapor cloud.

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