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Trap Door Theatre is a Chicago-based avante-garde theatre company with a focus on European and original experimental material. Trap Door Theatre was incorporated in 1990 as a nomadic company touring theatres in Stockholm, Berlin, Zakopane, and Paris. In 1994, Trap Door brought its European tradition to the United States, creating a permanent home for the company in Chicago. They have won a number of Jeff Awards.[1]

Trap Door Theatre is located in Bucktown in Chicago in a 900-square-foot (84 m2) converted performance space which seats 45.

Company performers (alphabetical)[edit]

  • Ya Boy
  • Tiffany Bedwell
  • Antonio Brunetti
  • Marzena Bukowska
  • Holly T. Cerney
  • Simina Contras
  • Casey Chapman
  • Kevin Cox
  • Gary Damico
  • Geraldine Dulex
  • Noah Durham
  • John Gray
  • David A. Holcombe
  • John Kahara
  • Lyndsay Rose Kane
  • Meghan Lewis
  • Emily Lotspeich
  • Alžan Pelesic
  • Chris Popio
  • David Steiger
  • Ann Sonneville
  • Bob Wilson
  • Carl Wisniewski

Artistic Staff:

  • Beata Pilch (Artistic Director, Co-Founder)
  • Sean Marlow (Co-Founder)
  • Nicole Wiesner (Artistic Associate)
  • Meghan Lewis (Managing Director)
  • Max Truax (Resident Director)
  • Kate Hendrickson (Resident Director)
  • Gary Damico (Resident Stage Manager)
  • Meg Elgaard (Resident Stage Manager)
  • Richard Norwood (Resident Light Designer)
  • Zsófia Ötvös (Resident Makeup Artist)
  • Rachel Sypniewski (Resident Costume Designer)
  • Milan Pribisic (Resident Dramaturg)
  • Michal Janicki (Resident Graphic Designer)

Honorary Members: Danny Belrose, Summer Chance, Dani Deac, Ewelina Dobiesz, Kristie Hassinger, Kim McKean, Catherine Sullivan, Andrew Cooper Wasser, Michael Garvey, Bob Rokos, Tiffany Joy Ross, Wesley Walker, Michael S. Pieper, Krishna Le Fan

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