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Trap or traps may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

Mechanical devices[edit]

Biology, ecology, and medicine[edit]



  • Ecological trap, a scenario in which rapid environmental change leads organisms to settle in poor-quality habitats
  • Evolutionary trap, with several related meanings
  • Perceptual trap, a scenario in which environmental change leads an organism to avoid an otherwise high-quality habitat

Other uses in biology and medicine[edit]


Economics and sociology[edit]

  • Welfare trap, a phenomenon by which social policies interact to keep people dependent on welfare
  • High level equilibrium trap, a concept used to explain why China never underwent an indigenous Industrial Revolution
  • Liquidity trap, a concept in economics involving a stagnant economy and low interest rates


Physics and materials science[edit]

Other technologies[edit]

  • Trap (car), a secret compartment in an automobile
  • Trap (carriage), a type of horse-drawn carriage
  • Trap (printing), a commercial printing technique to overcome registration problems
  • Ink trap, a feature of some typefaces that are spaces where printing ink can accumulate

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Film, television, and theatre[edit]





Tactics in intelligence and law enforcement[edit]

  • Canary trap, a method for exposing an information leak
  • Honey trap, a form of sting operation in law enforcement
  • Speed trap, a tactic designed to catch speed limit violators, or a place where such a tactic is commonly used

Other uses[edit]

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