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Département de Trasimène
Department of the First French Empire


Flag of Trasimène

Location of Trasimène
Administrative map of the Italian portion of the French Empire.
Capital Spoleto
42°44′N 12°44′E / 42.733°N 12.733°E / 42.733; 12.733Coordinates: 42°44′N 12°44′E / 42.733°N 12.733°E / 42.733; 12.733
 •  Annexation of the Papal States 15 July 1809 1809
 •  Treaty of Paris 1814
 •  1812[1] 11,120 km2 (4,293 sq mi)
 •  1812[1] 300,000 
Density 27 /km2  (69.9 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions 3 Arrondissements [1]

Trasimène [tʁɛn] was a department of the First French Empire in present-day Italy. It was named after Lake Trasimeno. It was formed in 1809, when the Papal States were annexed by France. Its capital was Spoleto.

The department was disbanded after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814. At the Congress of Vienna, the Papal States were restored to Pius VII. Its territory is now divided between the Italian provinces of Perugia, Terni, Macerata and Viterbo.


The department was subdivided into the following arrondissements and cantons (situation in 1812):[1]

Its population in 1812 was approximately 300,000, and its area was approximately 3,357 square Italian miles (11,120 square kilometers).[1]

Under the Roman Republic[edit]

A department called Trasimène also briefly existed as a subdivision of the Roman Republic (1798–1799), with the same territory, but with Perugia as its capital city.


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