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This article is about the town Trat. For other uses, see Trat (disambiguation).
Trat Airport
Coordinates: 12°14′30″N 102°30′45″E / 12.24167°N 102.51250°E / 12.24167; 102.51250Coordinates: 12°14′30″N 102°30′45″E / 12.24167°N 102.51250°E / 12.24167; 102.51250
Country  Thailand
Province Trat Province
Amphoe Amphoe Mueang Trat
Thai Traditional House On Stilts Trat Thailand.jpg
Trat - Marché de nuit.JPG

Trat is a town in Thailand, capital of Trat Province and the Mueang Trat district. The town is in the east of Thailand, at the mouth of the Trat River, near the border with Cambodia.

Travel and Accommodation[edit]

Trat is at the south-east end of Sukhumvit Road, which connects it with Chanthaburi, Rayong, Chonburi, and Bangkok.

Trat Airport serves tourists who travel directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Ko Chang without passing through the town.

Trat town is the main centre for road travellers to the eastern islands of Thailand including Ko Chang, Ko Mak, and Ko Kood. There is regular bus service, taking 4–5 hours, to Bangkok Ekkamai for downtown Bangkok and Bangkok Mo Chit for other destinations in Thailand. Many tourists stop over in Trat before going to the islands from Laem Ngop or Leam Sok (15–20 km from Trat. There are ferry and speedboat services to the eastern islands, Ko Chang and Ko Kood.

Trat is also a transit point for people travelling to Cambodia, as it is a 90 kilometer minibus ride to the border at Hat Lek. After crossing the border there is a short journey to Koh Kong and service to Sihanoukville by road or by sea.

There are a number of new small beach resorts at beaches near Trat. Local seafood is plentiful.

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