Traum Schallplatten

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Traum Schallplatten
FounderRiley Reinhold / Jacqueline Klein
GenreElectronic music, Minimal techno
Country of originGermany

Traum Schallplatten (English: Dream Records) is a Cologne-based which started as a minimal techno record label run by Jacqueline Reinhold (née Klein) and Riley Reinhold (Triple R).[1] but had developed into a melodic techno label. Its sub-labels are Trapez, Trapez Ltd, My Best Friend (MBF), My Best Friend Ltd, Paintwork and Zaubernuss.[2]

Notable artists[edit]

Selected Releases[edit]


  • Dominik Eulberg Flora & Fauna (TRAUM CD16, 2004)
  • Dominik Eulberg Heimische Gefilde (TRAUM CD19, 2007)
  • Dominik Eulberg Diorama (TRAUM CD24, 2011)


  • Elektronische Musik Aus Buenos Aires (TRAUM CD01, 1999)
  • Thomas Brinkmann Tour De Traum (TRAUM CD 15, 2004) (DJ-Mix)
  • Tour De Traum series is running non stop and is reaching its 20ths release December 2020
  • 100 (TRAUM CD20, 2008)
  • Elektronische Musik - Interkontinental Series (1-5) (2001–2006)


  • Gustavo Lamas Celeste (TRAUM V01, 1999)
  • Nathan Fake Dinamo (TRAUM V56, 2005)
  • Minilogue Certain Things EP (TRAUM V64, 2005)
  • Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda Harzer Roller (TRAUM V70, 2006)
  • Extrawelt Doch Doch (TRAUM V75, 2006)
  • Extrawelt Mosaik EP (TRAUM V125, 2010)

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