Traun (Alz)

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Traun bei Traunstein.JPG
The Traun in Traunstein
Location Traunstein district, Bavaria,  Germany
Reference no. DE: 1848
Basin features
Main source origin: confluence of the Weißer and Roter Traun near Siegsdorf
ca. 600 m
47°49′58″N 12°38′47″E / 47.83278°N 12.64625°E / 47.83278; 12.64625Coordinates: 47°49′58″N 12°38′47″E / 47.83278°N 12.64625°E / 47.83278; 12.64625
River mouth near Altenmarkt an der Alz into the Alz
487 m
48°00′31″N 12°32′11″E / 48.00849°N 12.53643°E / 48.00849; 12.53643
Progression Alz → Inn → Danube → Black Sea
River system Danube
Basin size 366.84 km²
Physical characteristics
Length 27.13 km [1] (including the Weißer Traun and Fischbach 46.78 km)

The About this sound Traun  is a tributary of the Alz in Upper Bavaria.


  1. ^ Map service of the Bavarian State Department of the Environment