Trava: Fist Planet

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Trava: Fist Planet
Genre Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Katsuhito Ishii
Takeshi Koike
Studio Madhouse
Released 2003
Episodes 4
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Trava: Fist Planet is an anime OVA released by Grasshopa! and directed by Katsuhito Ishii and Takeshi Koike.


Trava: Fist Planet tells the story of Trava and Shinkai as they travel to finish surveying an unknown and possibly dangerous planet. Trava is an ex-military Power user, which is a form of mech-ship that enhances the pilot's abilities. Shinkai, the engineer, maintains the survey ship and Trava's Power. They hope to earn enough cash to enter Fist Planet, a Power fighting tournament with a grand prize of credits measured in billions. Before they can get to that, they must first deal with an amnesiac girl, a giant, and a horde of insectoid killer-robots.[citation needed]

Trava and Shinkai also appear as racers in Madhouse's 2009 film Redline.


Daryl Surat praised Trava's "snappy dialogue" and "wild and crazy camera angles".[1] Mike Toole considered it "colorful and weird - Koike is at his kaleidoscopic, kinetic best".[2]


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