From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a free online service which allows users to create and share travel-related blogs.

Founded in April 2002, was the first popular website to use the term "Travel blog".[1] was developed to help people share their real life travel experiences with friends, family and other travelers. Although there have been many additions to the services offers, the website retains this principle and remains both free to use and independent.[1] As of October 2007, held over 50,000 members and hosted over 200,000 blog entries.[1]

The site allows travelers to notify subscribers whenever an update is made to their blog. The core features of are to allow members to share unlimited photos, embed videos, create maps, and participate in forums. has received positive analysis from a number of media outlets including The New York Times,[2][3] The Washington Post,[4] The Times[5] and The Daily Telegraph.[6] has been highlighted by Yahoo[7] and is one of The Times' top 100 travel websites - cited under Travel 2.0.


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