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Travel Adventures
IndustryTravel Industry
FounderMichael Palmer, David Snyder
Key people
David Snyder (President), John Krish (General Manager) [3]
ServicesStudent Group Travel, Festival and Tour operator
Number of employees

Travel Adventures began in 1987 by founders Michael Palmer and David Snyder. The company is a member of the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA) - a non-profit, professional trade association, which was formed in 1997.[4] In September 2008, John Krish (General Manager) of Travel Adventures became President of SYTA.

The combined total revenues for Travel Adventures was reportedly $8.2 million in 2007.[5]

Travel Adventures[edit]

Travel Adventures creates custom educational travel experiences serving teachers and students nationwide.[6] In 2007 a nationwide study conducted by Michigan State University within the Student and Youth Travel Research Institute (SYTRI) found that Performing Arts is rising in popularity.[7] Travel Adventures is a provider of student tours including The National Performing Arts Festival.


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