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Travel Photographer of the Year
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Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) is an international travel photography award for amateur, professional and young photographers. It was founded by photographer Chris Coe in 2003.It is judged by an international panel of experts that includes renowned photographers, editors and picture buyers. The winning entries are published in the Journey [1] portfolio books and, since 2011, displayed in a major exhibition held at the Royal Geographical Society.


Travel Photographer of the Year is sponsored by a range of companies in the photography and travel industry. For 2012 these are: Adobe, Digimarc, Explore, Fujifilm, Genesis, Plastic Sandwich, Tribes Travel, Tselana Travel and Young Photographers’ Alliance. The lead sponsor for 2012 is Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky, who introduced the Cutty Sark Award for the overall winner of TPOTY.


Portfolio categories[edit]

Themes change each year and photographers are asked to submit a portfolio of four related images which tell the story of the portfolio theme. There are special awards for under 18s, ‘New Talent’, plus ‘Best Single Image’ for portfolio entries which contain outstanding individual images.

Single Image categories[edit]

There are also two single image categories: One Shot (for amateur, semi-pro and professional photographers) and First Shot (for beginners). As with the portfolio categories, the themes change each year.

New categories for 2012[edit]

In 2012, two new categories were announced: the Condé Nast Traveller Award and the HD Video Award.


The overall winner is the photographer who has submitted the best images in two different portfolio categories. A young overall winner is also chosen. In addition, there are winners, runners-up, highly commended and commended entrants in all categories.

Travel Photographer of the Year[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2015 Marsel van Oosten  Netherlands
2014 Philip Lee Harvey  United Kingdom
2013 Timothy Allen  United Kingdom
2012 Craig Easton  United Kingdom
2011 Louis Montrose  United States
2010 Larry Louie  Canada
2009 GMB Akash  Bangladesh
2008 Darwin Wiggett  Canada
2007 Cat Vinton  United Kingdom
2006 Julian Love  United Kingdom
2005 Lorne Resnick  Canada
2004 Pang Piow Kan  Malaysia
2003 Peter Adams  United Kingdom

Young Travel Photographer of the Year[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2015 Chase Guttman  United States
2014 Samuel Fisch  United States
2013 Jonathan Rystrøm  Denmark
2012 Samuel Fisch  United States
2011 Arne Hansen  Germany
2010 Kat Waters  United Kingdom
2009 Courtney Krawec  Australia
2008 Daniel Rooney  United Kingdom
2007 Luna Malka  Canada
2006 Robert Dziabel  Germany
2005 Edward Mole  United Kingdom
2004 Anna Scott  United Kingdom
2003 Chris Charnock  United Kingdom

One Shot[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2015[2] Uli Kunz Germany
2014[3] Johnny Hadglun Norway
2013[4] Justin Mott United States
2012[5] Hilde Foss Norway

External References[edit]

Travel Photographer of the Year website


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