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Travel Sick was a British hybrid comedy-travel television series that originally aired on Bravo from 2001 to 2002. It placed UK writer Grub Smith in a different region of the world in each episode. In each destination, he was asked to complete five undesirable challenges posed by the show's producers. If he failed a challenge, he was forced to perform something unpleasant called a "forfeit". The more he failed, the worse the "forfeit" at the end of the show became.

The series has also aired on Comedy Central in the United States.

Series 1 (2001)[edit]

# Location Notable challenge
1 Iceland Play golf on glacier
2 Turkey Deliver a letter to an underwater home
3 Morocco Have sex with a watermelon
4 South Korea Play golf in a war zone
5 The Philippines Drink a dwarf under the table
6 Cambodia Beat Miss Cambodia in a shoot out
7 The Wild West Get probed by aliens
8 New Zealand Castrate a bull and eat its testicles
9 Australia Eat a road kill sandwich at 14,000 ft
10 Tennessee, United States Beat a miniature person at miniature golf
11 New Orleans, USA Become a born-again virgin
12 Los Angeles, USA Join an LA gang
13 Jamaica Make a Rasta make you lunch
14 Spain Fight a bullfighter
15 Germany Read a peace poem in a riot

Series 2 (2002)[edit]

# Location Notable Challenge
1 Thailand Carry a "fridge over the River Kwai"
2 Hong Kong Kick a kung-fu master in the balls
3 Brazil Capture poisonous spiders
4 South Africa Feed a great white shark
5 Papua New Guinea Become a buffet for bats
6 Czech Republic Play frisbee with a lion
7 Peru Get intoxicated with ayahuasca
8 India Wash an elephant's penis
9 Italy Win a gladiator fight
10 Las Vegas, USA French kiss a bride
11 The Netherlands Ride a windmill while high on marijuana
12 Romania Drink blood
13 Chicago, USA Beat a chicken at noughts and crosses
14 Mexico Trick someone into buying a fake chihuahua
15 Japan Eat a cannibal

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