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Travel health nursing is an emerging nursing specialty that promotes the health and safety of national and international travelers.[1] Similar to travel medicine, it is an interdisciplinary practice which draws from the knowledge bases of vaccines, epidemiology, tropical medicine, public health and health education.

Roles and Workplaces[edit]

Travel health nurses primarily work in travel health clinics, the military, the government, and some large ambulatory care practices. Their work covers pre-travel care, with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion while patients are away from their home. Travel health nurses assess the potential traveler's health and their destination risks in order to implement a plan of preventive care that can include immunizations and travel medications and supplies. These nurses offer health counseling and education for prospective travelers along with education regarding how to manage their chronic conditions while away from home. Often, referrals for care during travel is provided either for anticipated needs or in case of a health emergency.


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