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Travelgirl Summer 2012 cover.jpg
Summer 2012 cover of travelgirl featuring Celine Dion
Categories Travel
Publisher travelgirl, Inc.
First issue June 2003

travelgirl, an American magazine published by travelgirl, Inc., started in June 2003, specializing in travel, principally recreational for tourism. The magazine is targeted at women, who make more than 75% of all family travel decisions.[1]

travelgirl magazine was the first national travel publication launched after the tragic events of 9/11 and was named "one of the most notable launches of 2003" by industry guru Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni, Ph.D..

The magazine addresses numerous topics, such as health, humor, family, finance, romance, fitness, spirituality and wellness, and especially tips to save money and time in the world of travel. Its editorial staff includes nurses, flight attendants, chefs and seasoned journalists, including several former CNN employees. One of the contributing editors, Janice McDonald, is also a former Miss South Carolina USA.

Since its third issue in Winter 2003, each issue features travel advice and relevant generational lifestyle content using hard-to-get interviews from a noted celebrity as the cover girl, including political figures, actresses, supermodels, television journalists, and many other talented personalities.

The magazine was awarded a North American Travel Journalists Association Judge's Award on January 1, 2005, for Overall Achievement and Excellence.

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