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Travis and Bob were an American rock and roll duo from Jackson, Alabama. Its members were Travis Pritchett (born on 18 March 1939 in Jackson) and Bob Weaver (born on 27 July 1939 in Jackson).[1]

In 1959, they released a single on the independent label Sandy Records called "Tell Him No", which was written by Pritchett.[2] Dot Records picked up the single for nationwide distribution, and it became a hit, reaching #21 on the Billboard R&B charts and #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.[3] Despite recording further singles for Big Top Records and Mercury Records, the duo never had another hit single.

In June 1960, the duo filed a lawsuit against Sandy founders Johnny Bozeman and Paul DuBose. Travis and Bob claimed they did not receive royalties from airplay and sales of their recordings.[4]


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