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Travis Jeppesen is an American writer and artist.

Jeppesen’s first novel, Victims, was selected by Dennis Cooper to debut his Little House on the Bowery series for Akashic Books in 2003; a Russian translation of the novel was published in 2005 by Eksmo. The novel is inspired in part by the UFO religious cult Heaven's Gate, which he researched extensively while working on the book.

Jeppesen’s second novel, Wolf at the Door (Twisted Spoon Press), was completed during a residency at the Slovenian Writers’ Association in Ljubljana, and appeared in 2007. In 2006, BLATT Books published a collection of poetry, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV; a second collection, Dicklung & Others, appeared in November 2009. Jeppesen’s third novel, The Suiciders, was published by Semiotext(e) in 2013; subsequently, he performed “marathon readings” of the entire novel, lasting eight hours without pause, at the ICA in London and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Jeppesen's critical writings on art, film, and literature have appeared in Artforum, Art in America, Texte zur Kunst, Flash Art, New York Press, Bookforum, The Stranger, and Zoo Magazine. He is the recipient of a 2013 Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/the Warhol Foundation. A collection of his art criticism, Disorientations, was published in 2008; subsequently, Jeppesen launched, a "one-man art magazine." In October 2011, Jeppesen announced that he would be shifting the focus of the website to explore his notion of object-oriented writing, "a new form – neither poetic nor art-critical, yet retaining characteristics of both – that attempts to inhabit the object. That is, a writing that positions itself within the work of art, and also including all the necessary contradictions and impossibilities embedded within such an approach." Object-oriented writing could be thought of as a parallel creative practice to object-oriented ontology. As of 2013, Disorientations also includes links to Jeppesen's published art reviews and essays online, as well as miscellaneous poetry, fiction, and essays he has written, much of it previously only available in print form.

In 2014, his object-oriented writing was featured in the Whitney Biennial and in a solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery in London. A collection of novellas, All Fall, was published by Publication Studio.

In 2012, Jeppesen made his first visit to North Korea. His fascination with the country led him to enroll in a Korean language program at Kim Hyong Jik University in Pyongyang in 2016, becoming the first American in history to ever study in North Korea. His memoir of his time in North Korea, See You Again in Pyongyang, will be published in 2018.

He has taught as a visiting tutor in the art department at Goldsmiths University and as a visiting lecturer in Critical Writing in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, where he completed his PhD in 2016.


  • Victims (2003; new edition forthcoming from ITNA Press in 2014)
  • Wolf at the Door (2007)
  • The Suiciders (2013)
  • All Fall: Two Novellas (2014)


  • Poems I Wrote While Watching TV (2006)
  • Dicklung & Others (2009)

Graphic Novels[edit]

  • Siilky's Room: Outside an anthology of new horror fiction. With art by Winston Chimielinski (2017)


  • Disorientations: Art on the Margins of the Contemporary (2008)
  • See You Again in Pyongyang (2018)

Disorientations was named Nonfiction Book of the Year by 3am Magazine.[1]

Object-Oriented Writing[edit]

  • 16 Sculptures (2014)

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Travis Jeppesen: Word (Rupert, Vilnius, 2016)
  • Travis Jeppesen: New Writing (Exile, Berlin, 2016)
  • Travis Jeppesen: 16 Sculptures (Wilkinson Gallery, London, 2014)

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • Down Where Changed (Cubitt, London, 2014-2015)
  • Cucumber Bones (Toves, Copenhagen, 2014)
  • Whitney Biennial (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 2014)
  • House Style (Tramway, Glasgow, 2013)

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