Travis Nash

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Travis Nash
Travis Nash.jpg
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Nic Testoni
Duration 1995–99
First appearance 10 April 1995
Last appearance 11 August 1999
Introduced by John Holmes
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Boat worker
Foster father
Home Canada

Travis David Nash is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by actor Nic Testoni. He made his first on screen appearance on 10 April 1995 and departed on 11 August 1999.


A reporter from Inside Soap described Travis as having "surfer locks and a golden tan".[1] While another branded him "easygoing" and "happy-go-lucky".[2]

When Kelly Watson (Katrina Hobbs) spotted a melanoma on his back, Travis realised that he had been spending too much time in the sun.[2] After undergoing tests, Travis was told that he had to have the tumour surgically removed to stop it from spreading. Kelly was worried for Travis, as his uncle had died from a melanoma.[2] The surgery was a success, but Travis began spending more time alone, which made Kelly feel like she was being shut out.[2]


Travis is the younger of two sons, born to Jack Nash (John Grant) and his wife in 1971. Travis attended the local high school with Donna Bishop (Nicola Quilter), whom he dated, Rob Storey (Matthew Lilley) and Steven Matheson (Adam Willits). After leaving High School, Travis began working in Somalia and met Kibiri Mboto and they began a relationship. Kibiri was later shot and killed. Travis arranged for Kibiri's younger sister, Stephanie (Fleur Beaupert), to be smuggled out of the country and he returned to Australia.

Travis is a witness to Laura Bonnetti's (Claudia Buttazonni) death, after she and her boyfriend, Curtis Reed (Shane Ammann), play on some railway tracks. Travis comforts a distraught Curtis and supports him when he descends into alcoholism. While back in the bay, Travis reconnects with his old friends Donna and Rob. Travis and Donna rekindle their relationship, after Donna dumps her violent boyfriend Andrew Warren (Adrian Lee). They later leave for Canada on a whale-watching trip. Several months later, Travis returns after breaking off his engagement with Donna and moves back into his house to find two new tenants, local doctor Kelly Watson and old friend Steven.

Travis and Steven compete for Kelly's affections and Travis wins. When Kelly suffers a scare at the hospital after treating an HIV-positive patient, Travis stands by her. Stephanie arrives and Travis and Kelly become her guardians. When Stephanie dies after a cliff fall, Travis is distraught as he promised Kibiri he would always look after her.

Travis asks Kelly's father for her hand in marriage and the couple become engaged. Kelly receives a promotion at a city hospital and she realises that Travis is not cut out for city life and they part. Travis rents his house out to Kelly's replacement at Northern Districts hospital, Lachlan Fraser (Richard Grieve) and Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin). Travis falls for Rebecca Fisher (Belinda Emmett) and they marry in a ceremony on the beach, with Rebecca's father, Donald (Norman Coburn), presiding as the celebrant.

When Pippa Ross (Debra Lawrance) and her new partner Ian Routledge (Patrick Dickson) leave Summer Bay, Travis and Rebecca take over the tenancy at Summer Bay House and the Caravan Park. They look after Pippa's remaining foster children; Sam Marshall (Ryan Clark, Tiegan Brook (Sally Marrett) and Justine Welles (Bree Desborough. Pippa's adoptive daughter, Sally (Kate Ritchie), begins to feel that the Nashes are forcing her out of her own home. After coming to an agreement, Sally moves into Travis' house with Jesse and Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten).

Travis' brother Joel (David Woodley), his wife, Natalie (Antoinette Byron), and their children Gypsy (Kimberley Cooper) and Tom (Graeme Squires), move to Summer Bay after Joel takes a position at Yabbie Creek Police Station. Joel and Travis are initially frosty to one another as Joel had disappeared seventeen years earlier without a word. He tells Travis that their father had made unwanted sexual advances towards Natalie and the two brothers reconcile. When Joel, Natalie and the kids are left homeless after a confrontation with Robert Perez (Toni Poli), Travis and Rebecca invite them to move in.

Travis discovers his father had another family and meets his half-sister, Claire Andrews (Kate Beaham), who is resentful that Travis inherited Jack's house and business and she begins stealing from him. Joel suggests Travis presses charges, but he refuses to. Travis and Rebecca jump at the chance of work on a tall ship and leave Summer Bay quietly, after Joel and Natalie agree to take care of the house and Justine and Peta Janossi (Aleetza Wood). Travis and Rebecca set up home in Canada and a couple of years later, Donald reveals that they have had a son together.


For his portrayal of Travis, Testoni won the "Most Popular New Talent" Logie Award in 1996.[3] A year later, Testoni was nominated for "Most Popular Actor".[4] In 1998, Travis and Rebecca were named "Best Couple" at the Inside Soap Awards.[5] They received a nomination in the same category the following year.[6]

Judy Johnson of The Sun-Herald branded Travis a "dreamboat fisherman."[7] Matt Condon of The Sun-Herald referred to Travis in his article about "dumb" Male characters on television. He opined "Travis' rampant stupidity keeps upsetting the balance. He loves Kelly, but can't understand why she has to work such long hours. Hello? She's a doctor, right?" [8]


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