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Coordinates: 38°1′53.2″N 78°29′46.4″W / 38.031444°N 78.496222°W / 38.031444; -78.496222 Trax was a nightclub in Charlottesville, Virginia most notable for being a frequent gig for Dave Matthews Band during their early years. The band first played at Trax a few months after forming in 1991. Because their local and regional popularity grew, they secured a standing gig at Trax every Tuesday night from late 1992 through the end of 1993.[1] The band became a national touring act on the verge of mainstream stardom by early 1994, so they only played at Trax four times after 1993.

Trax originally was an industrial building adjacent to the CSX train tracks (thus the name). The building also housed a country and western nightclub called Max. The complex was located along 11th Street SW near the University of Virginia and also included John Hornsby's original Music Resource Center for kids. With a capacity of around 900 people, Trax played host to Widespread Panic, George Clinton, Ziggy Marley, Sonic Youth, They Might Be Giants, and other popular acts in the early 1990s.[1] But after the rise of the legal drinking age and the decision by operator Coran Capshaw to spend more time with Dave Matthews Band, whom he managed, the venue fell into a slump. It was taken over by David Fisher in the early nineties for a brief period and then experienced a resurgence under Dana Murphy in the mid nineties, nurturing an ever growing music scene at the time. Earth to Andy frequented the club as well as My Dog Lucy, whose former guitarist would later join Daughtry. Most notable among its performers may have actually been one of its former employees. Matt Jagger (who remains one of America's best undiscovered blues masters) used to cook food in back of the club in its heyday, before he taught Chris Daughtry how to play guitar. Trax closed around the middle of 2001 and was demolished at the end of the following year.[2]


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