Traynor Ora Halftown

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Chief Halftown
Born Traynor Ora Halftown
February 24, 1917
Died July 5, 2003
Occupation Entertainer
Title Honorary chief of Seneca tribe
Spouse(s) Margaret Halftown
Children 3 children

Traynor Ora Halftown (February 24, 1917 – July 5, 2003), better known as Chief Halftown, was an entertainer who hosted a children's show that aired on WFIL-TV (which became WPVI-TV in 1972) in Philadelphia from 1950 to 1999.[1] Originally intended for a six-week series, his show went on to become the world's longest running local TV children's show.

The phonetic spelling of the greeting at the end of the WFIL TV show was "eechee too ta hay, keechee too ta wah, ees da sa sussaway" based on the recollection of some former viewers. Translation is not known.

Halftown was a full-blooded Native American from the Seneca nation in New York state. His signature greeting was "ees da sa sussaway," which is Seneca for "Let's get started". He was also a professional bowler and spokesman for the Brunswick Bowling Manufacturing Corporation. The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted Halftown into their Hall of Fame in 2004.[1]


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