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Trešnjevka – sjever as a part of Zagreb

Trešnjevka – sjever (Croatian pronunciation: [trêʃɲeːʋka sjêʋer], "Trešnjevka – north") is one of the districts of Zagreb, Croatia. It is located in the western part of the city and has 55,425 inhabitants according to the 2011 census.[1]

The district encompasses the northern (Croatian: sjever) part of the traditional Trešnjevka neighbourhood, separated from the southern part (Croatian: jug) by the Zagrebačka Avenue.

List of neighborhoods in Trešnjevka – sjever[edit]

  • Ciglenica
  • Ljubljanica
  • Pongračevo
  • Remiza / Vurovčica
  • Rudeš
  • Stara Trešnjevka
  • Voltino


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Coordinates: 45°48′1.81″N 15°55′36.16″E / 45.8005028°N 15.9267111°E / 45.8005028; 15.9267111