Tre kronor (TV series)

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Tre kronor
Farstahallen, which in the series acted as the Tre Kronor restaurant and sports hall.
Genre Drama
Created by Peter E Falck
Starring Ulf Brunnberg
Christina Schollin
Bertram Heribertson
Ing-Marie Carlsson
Theme music composer Lasse Holm
Opening theme Lasse Holm
Ending theme Lasse Holm
Composer(s) Lasse Holm
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 123
First shown in TV4
Original release 21 September 1994 (1994-09-21TSweden) – 7 April 1999 (1999-04-07TSweden)

Tre kronor was a Swedish soap opera that aired on TV4 during the period 1994–1999.[1] The series took place in the fictional middle class suburb Mälarviken, located in the vicinity of Stockholm. The exteriors were filmed in Sätra, a suburb of Stockholm, and the interiors were filmed in a studio in Kvarnholmen as well as in Kungens Kurva. TV4 started Tre kronor in 1994 to compete for the viewers of SVT series Rederiet. Both shows aired in the same time slot and both had around 1-2 million viewers. The signature tune was written by Lasse Holm.

The spin-off movie Reine & Mimmi i fjällen! (sv) was based on two of the characters; Reine and Mimmi. The series ended with the majority of the cast being unceremoniously killed off in a suicide bombing at the Tre Kronor restaurant, perpetrated by Sten Frisk. Two big cliffhangers in the series was when Hans Wästberg, played by Ulf Brunnberg, robbed the post office and shot his son Hans-Åke by mistake. Hans Wästberg was taken to prison and disappeared from the series after the second season. Season Three ended with Sirpa "Bimbo" Koskinen, the girlfriend of Hans-Åke Wästberg, died in a bus crash. Salongo (played by Richard Sseruwagi) was a refugee and a rich business man from Uganda who fell in love with a married police woman, Lena Sjökvist (played by Catharine Hansson), and he later bought the restaurant, Tre Kronor. Later in the series, Salongo buys another restaurant and he also disappears from the series.

In the premiere episode, broadcast in October 1994, popular television show host Leif "Loket" Olsson appeared as a special guest star. Olsson played himself as an auctioneer at Hans Wästbergs auction.



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