Treasure Master

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Treasure Master
Cover art
Developer(s)Software Creations[1]
Publisher(s)ASC Games[1]
Composer(s)Tim Follin
Genre(s)2D action platformer[2]
Mode(s)Single player

Treasure Master is a video game released by ASC Games in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System as part of a contest involving MTV.

The contest[edit]

After the game's release in late 1991, players had until 12PM EST on April 11, 1992 to practice beating the game.[2] At this time, MTV revealed a secret password. By entering in this password and the game's serial number before beginning the game, players unlocked a secret sixth Prize World level. After this, players had until midnight to complete the entire game, including the Prize World. This prompted the game to reveal a 24-character code. By calling in to a special hotline with this code, players had a chance at winning one of 36,252 prizes.

Contest prizes[edit]

Two first-prize winners had their pick of:

  • Fantasy Rock Concert
  • Fantasy Sports Event
  • Fantasy Audio/Video Room
  • $10,000[3]

250 second-prize winners each won a Super NES. Up to 36,000 third-prize winners may have won an official poster-size winner's certificate. [4]


The game's music was composed by Tim Follin. The game's title screen music was actually a remix of the theme song to the Starsky & Hutch television series.