Treaty of Fort St. Stephens

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The approximate area to be ceded shaded in yellow in relation to the future U.S. state of Mississippi.

The Treaty of Fort St. Stephens or Treaty of Choctaw Trading House was signed between the United States and the Choctaws. The treaty was signed at the Choctaw trading house on October 24, 1816. It ceded 10,000 acres (40 km2) of Choctaw land east of the Tombigbee River. The land was exchanged for 6,000 US dollars annually for twenty years. In 2008 dollars that would be nearly $80,000.


James Madison

The preamble begins with,

1. Lands to be ceded.
2. Pay the Choctaw $6000 US dollars annually for 20 years and $10000 worth of merchandise.


John Coffee, John Rhea, John McKee, Mushoolatubbee, Pooshamallaha, Pukshunnubbu, General Terror, Choctaw Eestannokee, General Humming Bird, Talking warrior, David Folsom, Bob Cole, Oofuppa, Hoopoieeskitteenee, Hoopoieemiko, and Hoopoieethoma.

Witness: Tho. H. Williams, secretary to the commission; John Pitchlynn, interpreter; Turner Broshear, interpreter; M. Mackey, interpreter; Silas Dinsmoor; and R. Chamberlin.

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