Treaty of Vienna (1725)

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Coalitions in Europe between 1725 and 1730. Signatories of the Treaty of Vienna (30 April 1725) in blue and signatories of the Treaty of Hanover (3 September 1725) in red. Prussia, in brown, first joined the Hanoverian Alliance, but later changed sides after the Treaty of Berlin on 23 December 1728.

The Treaty of Vienna was signed on 30 April 1725 between Emperor Charles VI of Austria and King Philip V of Spain.

The treaty guaranteed the Pragmatic Sanction of the Habsburgs, which was first declared in 1713. Based on the terms of the treaty, the Austrian Empire relinquished all claims to the Spanish throne. Moreover, Austria vowed to aid Spain in reacquiring Gibraltar from the British Empire. In return Spain gave in its colonies the Ostend Company the same rights as the Dutch and English Companies.

With this Austrian support, Spain attacked Gibraltar on 11 February 1727, which led to the Anglo-Spanish War (1727).

The Spanish negotiator was John William, Baron Ripperda, who became Prime Minister of Spain on his return.

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