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Trecision S.p.A.
Industry Computer and video game industry
Fate Bankruptcy and liquidation
Founded 1991
Founder Pietro Montelatici
Fabrizio Lagorio
Edoardo Gervino
Defunct 2003
Headquarters Rapallo, Genoa, Italy
Products Profezia, Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

Trecision S.p.A. was an Italian video game developer founded in 1991[1] by Pietro Montelatici, Fabrizio Lagorio and Edoardo Gervino. The company's headquarters was in Rapallo (province of Genoa).

Their first game was Profezia developed for Amiga and PC, followed by a number of titles for different platforms (Amiga, MS-DOS, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Mobile phones).

In March 2000, Trecision acquired fellow Italian game developer Pixelstorm Games and MotherBrain Entertainment becoming the largest game developer in Italy.[1][2]

Trecision was working on two games for Cryo Interactive when that company declared bankruptcy in 2002. Consequently Trecision filled for voluntary liquidation in mid-2003.[3]

List of Trecision games[edit]

Developed titles[edit]

# Title Release year Platform(s) Notes
1 Profezia 1991 Amiga, MS-DOS
2 Extasy 1992 Amiga Game published by the Italian company Simulmondo.
3 In the Dead of Night 1994 Amiga, MS-DOS
4 Alien Virus 1995 MS-DOS, PC
5 Spring Time 1995 Amiga
6 Ark of Time 1997 MS-DOS, PC, PlayStation
7 Syyrah: The Warp Hunter 1997 MS-DOS, PC Game developed by Pixelstorm.
8 Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy 1998 Amiga, PC Game co-developed with Team17.
9 Puma Street Soccer 1999 PC, PlayStation Game developed by Pixelstorm.
10 Chris Kamara's Street Soccer 2000 PlayStation Game developed by Pixelstorm.
11 The Watchmaker 2001 PC
12 Calcio Championship 2002 PC
13 Elf Tales 2003 Mobile phones
14 Football Generation 2003 PC, PlayStation 2 The PlayStation 2 version of the game was released in 2006.
15 Grande Fratello: Il Gioco 2003 Mobile phones, PC, PlayStation Game released only in Italy. Based on Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother, aired from 2000 on Canale 5.
16 Hiro's Legend 2003 Mobile phones
17 Spy Girl: Danger with Diamonds 2003 Mobile phones
18 Spy Girl: Missing Masters 2003 Mobile phones
19 Nicky Strange: Jungle Daze Unknown Mobile phones
20 Nicky Strange: Temple of Destiny Unknown Mobile phones

Cancelled titles[edit]


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