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Tredegar Park (Welsh: Parc Tredegar) is a large municipal park[1] located near the housing estates of Duffryn, Maesglas, and Gaer in the city of Newport in South Wales.


It formerly formed part of the estate of the Morgans, Lords Tredegar and Tredegar House [2] is situated within the park.

The park is very large, comprising around 90 acres (360,000 m2) and includes a large lake that it is possible to walk around.[3]

The present day community (parish) and electoral district (ward) of Tredegar Park is a much smaller area consisting of the Duffryn estate and immediate surroundings.

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Coordinates: 51°33′49″N 3°01′55″W / 51.56361°N 3.03194°W / 51.56361; -3.03194