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TreeHugger logo.png
Type of site
Environmental Sustainability & News
OwnerDotdash Meredith
Created byGraham Hill
EditorChuck Leavell (Editor at Large)
Managing directorMolly Fergus
Current statusactive

TreeHugger is a sustainability website that reports on news, and other subjects like eco-friendly design, homes, and gardens. It was rated the top sustainability blog of 2007 by Nielsen Netratings,[1] and was included in Time Magazine's 2009 blog index as one of the top twenty-five blogs.[2] The website boasts "over 100 expert writers." All submissions are reviewed by the website's staff for accuracy and compliance with their editorial guidelines.[clarification needed]


TreeHugger was acquired by Discovery Communications on August 1, 2007, for $10 million.[3][4][5]

In 2012, Mother Nature Network, founded by Joel Babbit and Chuck Leavell (now Narrative Content Group) acquired TreeHugger.

In 2020, Dotdash acquired TreeHugger and Mother Nature Network.[6]

TreeHugger's has an annual award program known as "Best of Green Awards" for the best green initiatives within various sectors and categories.[7]

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