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TreeHugger logo.png
Type of site
Environmental sustainability
OwnerNarrative Content Group
Created byGraham Hill
Alexa rankIncrease 18,963 (As of 19 March 2019)[1]
Current statusactive

TreeHugger is a sustainability website that was rated the top sustainability blog of 2007 by Nielsen Netratings,[2] and was included in Time Magazine's 2009 blog index as one of the top twenty-five blogs.[3]

TreeHugger was acquired by Discovery Communications on August 1, 2007, for $10 million.[4][5][6]

In 2012, Mother Nature Network, founded by Joel Babbit and Chuck Leavell (now Narrative Content Group) acquired TreeHugger.

The Best of Green Awards is TreeHugger's annual award program for the best green initiatives within various sectors and categories.[7]

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