Tree Council of Ireland

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Tree Council of Ireland
Logo of the Tree Council of Ireland.png
Typenon-governmental organisation
Legal statuscharity
PurposeTree establishment & conservation. Forest protection.
HeadquartersCabinteely House
  • Sycamore Avenue, The Park, Cabinteely, Dublin 18
Region served
Key people
President: Éanna Ní Lamhna

Vice President: Cormac Downey

CEO: Brendan Fitzsimons

The Tree Council of Ireland is a voluntary non-governmental organisation. It was formed in 1985 as an umbrella body for organisations involved in the establishment, care and conservation of trees in Ireland, through the promotion of a culture among Irish people.[1]

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Its mission statement is to "Foster a tree culture in Ireland through action and awareness" [2] Its objectives are threefold: to educate the public about trees, to facilitate networking among members, and to be a representative voice for tree culture and tree promotion.[3]

Its main activities are the organisation of the annual National Tree Week in March and Tetra Pak Tree Day in October.

Tree Register of Ireland[edit]

The Tree Register of Ireland (TROI) is a database of Irish trees containing over 10,000 entries. Its compilation was initiated in 1999 by the Tree Council of Ireland and the Irish Tree Society. It contains various details on select trees including their height, girth and location. It was compiled on a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The Tree Register may be viewed at the National Botanic Gardens (Ireland).

Heritage Tree Register of Ireland[edit]

The Heritage Tree Register of Ireland is an extension of the Tree Register of Ireland. It is funded by the Irish Heritage Council, the Tree Council of Ireland, the Irish Tree Society and Crann. To qualify for inclusion on the registry a tree must be considered to be of biological, cultural, ecological or historical interest because of its age, size or condition.

The Heritage Tree Register may be viewed at the National Botanic Gardens (Ireland) or online.

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  • The Tree Council of Ireland's homepage [1]