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Looking up the trunk of the tallest Douglas-fir in Britain, at 59 metres (194 feet).

The Tree Register, or more fully, the Tree Register of the British Isles (T.R.O.B.I.), is a registered charity[1] collating and updating a database of notable trees throughout Britain and Ireland. It comprises a computer database with details of more than 150,000 trees.

It contains data from the original hand-written records of the late and internationally acclaimed dendrologist Alan Mitchell, and other historical records taken from reference works going back more than 200 years.[2] Recent height and girth measurements can be compared to those recorded by the likes of Loudon (1830s), Elwes and Henry (early 1900s) and the Hon. Maynard Greville (1950s), providing a valuable record of growth rates. The Tree Register was one of the founders of the Ancient Tree Hunt campaign.

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