Tree River

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Tree River
Country Canada
Basin features
Main source Inulik Lake
500 m (1,600 ft)
66°36′N 113°18′W / 66.6°N 113.30°W / 66.6; -113.30 (Tree River (head))
River mouth Coronation Gulf
Sea level
67°40′N 111°52′W / 67.67°N 111.86°W / 67.67; -111.86 (Tree River (mouth))Coordinates: 67°40′N 111°52′W / 67.67°N 111.86°W / 67.67; -111.86 (Tree River (mouth))
Arctic Char caught on Tree River in July 1996 by John MacKay

The Tree River (Kogluktualuk) is a river in Nunavut, Canada. It flows into Coronation Gulf, an arm of the Arctic Ocean.

Glacial landforms, such as a kame delta, are represented in the area of the Tree River.[1]

This area was the ancestral home of several Copper Inuit bands, including the Kogluktualugmiut (also known as Utkusiksaligmiut), who lived along its shores; the Pingangnaktogmiut, who lived west of the river; and the Nagyuktogmiut (also known as Killinermiut), who lived east of Tree River.[2]

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