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Description Tree of Life Web Project
Authors David Maddison, Katja-Sabine Schulz, and Wayne Maddison
Release date 1995

The Tree of Life Web Project is an ongoing Internet project providing information about the diversity and phylogeny of life on Earth.[1][2] This collaborative peer reviewed project began in 1995, and is written by biologists from around the world. The site has not been updated since 2011, however the pages are still accessible.[3]

The pages are linked hierarchically, in the form of the branching evolutionary tree of life, organized cladistically.[1] Each page contains information about one particular group of organisms and is organized according to a branched tree-like form, thus showing hypothetical relationships between different groups of organisms.

In 2009 the project ran into funding problems from the University of Arizona. Pages and Treehouses submitted took a considerably longer time to be approved as they're being reviewed by a small group of volunteers, and apparently, around 2011, all activities ended.[3]

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