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The Cedrus Deodara is the official national tree of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, more than 430 tree species are distributed over 82 families and 226 genera. Out of these 22 species from 5 families and 11 genera belong to softwood trees of gymnosperms. For all plant families found in Pakistan, see Flora of Pakistan.


Order Family Species Local name(s)
Brassicales Capparaceae Capparis decidua Kair, Karir
Salvadoraceae Salvadora oleoides Vann
Fabales Fabaceae Acacia catechu Catechu
Acacia modesta Phulai
Acacia nilotica Babul
Dalbergia sissoo Sheesham
Prosopis cineraria Jand (Punjabi), Kandi (Sindhi)
Lamiales Acanthaceae Avicennia marina White Mangrove
Malpighiales Salicaceae Populus euphratica Populus
Pinales Cupressaceae Juniperus recurva Drooping Juniper
Pinaceae Abies pindrow Pindrow Fir
Cedrus deodara Deodar
Picea smithiana Morinda Spruce
Pinus gerardiana Chilgoza
Pinus roxburghii Chir Pine
Pinus wallichiana Blue Pine
Proteales Platanaceae Platanus orientalis Chenar, Chinar
Rosales Moraceae Ficus religiosa Peepul
Morus alba White Mulberry
Sapindales Meliaceae Azadirachta indica Neem

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  • "Acacia" in Flora of Pakistan. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press.


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