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Trelby on Ubuntu
Stable release
2.2 / 26 Sep 2012
Written in Python
Operating system Windows and Linux
Type Screenwriting software
License GPL

Trelby is a free and open source screenwriting program which focuses on providing a simple, uncluttered interface to writing screenplays. It is a rebranding of an older screenwriting program called Blyte.[1] It currently runs on the Windows and Linux platforms, without a Mac OS X port in the works.[2]


Blyte was a commercial screenwriting program written by Osku Salerma in 2003, and was maintained as such until 2006, when lacklustre sales led to work on the program being stopped. The code was open sourced under the GPL.

The code lay dormant until late 2011, when it was re-discovered by Anil Gulecha, who along with Salerma started working on the program again for wider release. Blyte was renamed to Trelby, and several new features were added.[3][4]

Trelby is currently available at Github[5]

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