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Trends Cell Press
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Trends is a series of review journals in a range of areas of biology and chemistry published by Elsevier under its Cell Press imprint.

The Trends series was established in 1976 with Trends in Biochemical Sciences, rapidly followed by Trends in Neurosciences, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, and Immunology Today.

Immunology Today, Parasitology Today, and Molecular Medicine Today changed their names to Trends in... in 2001. Drug Discovery Today was spun off as an independent brand.


The current set of Trends journals are all published monthly:

Title ISO 4 abbreviation Field Editor Started Impact factor 2019[1] Website
Trends in Biochemical Sciences Trends Biochem. Sci. Biochemistry David Waters (Acting), Sannie Culbertson (On leave) 1976 14.732 [1]
Trends in Biotechnology Trends Biotechnol. Biotechnology Matthew Pavlovich 1983 14.343 [2]
Trends in Cancer Trends Cancer Oncology Danielle Loughlin 2015 11.093 [3]
Trends in Cell Biology Trends Cell Biol. Cell biology Ilaria Carnevale 1991 16.041 [4]
Trends in Chemistry Trends Chem. Chemistry Tom Dursch 2019 N/A [5]
Trends in Cognitive Sciences Trends Cognit. Sci. Cognitive science Lindsey Drayton 1997 15.218 [6]
Trends in Ecology & Evolution Trends Ecol. Evol. Evolutionary ecology Andrea Stephens 1986 14.764 [7]
Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism Trends Endrocrinol. Metab. Endocrinology and Metabolism Matthew Beymer 1990 11.641 [8]
Trends in Genetics Trends Genet. Genetics Sonia Muliyil 1985 11.333 [9]
Trends in Immunology
(formerly Immunology Today)
Trends Immunol.
(Immunol. Today)
Immunology Catarina Sacristan 1980 13.422 [10]
Trends in Microbiology Trends Microbiol. Microbiology Shankar Iyer 1993 13.546 [11]
Trends in Molecular Medicine
(formerly Molecular Medicine Today)
Trends. Mol. Med.
(Mol. Med. Today)
Molecular Medicine Claudia Willmes 1995 11.099 [12]
Trends in Neurosciences Trends Neurosci. Neuroscience Moran Furman 1978 12.891 [13]
Trends in Parasitology
(formerly Parasitology Today)
Trends Parasitol.
(Parasitol. Today)
Parasitology Pengfei Kong 1985 6.918 [14]
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences Trends Pharmacol. Sci. Pharmacology Kusumika Mukherjee 1979 13.503 [15]
Trends in Plant Science Trends Plant Sci. Botany Susanne Brink 1996 14.416 [16]


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