Trent Haaga

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Trent Haaga
Born 1971
Occupation Film actor, screenwriter
Years active 1999–present

Trent Haaga is an actor, screenwriter, and director.


Haaga came to the attention of the horror community after co-starring in the Troma film Terror Firmer.[1] He went on to fill the role of screenwriter as well as assistant director on the fourth film in the Toxic Avenger series, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV.[1][2] Due to also playing the leader of the Diaper Mafia in this film, he was forced to direct many scenes in the film while wearing a baby bonnet and an adult diaper.[2] He relates many of these experiences as co-author of the book Make Your Own Damn Movie! written with Lloyd Kaufman of Troma.[3]

He has worked in many aspects of filmmaking (writing, producing, acting) and enjoys them all.

Haaga works in independent film and has stated that he likes the advances made in digital cinematography.[1]

Haaga has praised the speed of digital filmmaking.

Haaga works currently on his directorial debut Chop which stars Tanishaa Mukherji and Billy Bakshi,[5] he wrote the script for the independent thriller alongside Adam Minarovich.[6] The movie is a revenge thriller within the tradition of Fargo and Oldboy.[7] Haaga narrated the Indie thriller flick Fetch.[8]

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