Trent River (North Carolina)

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Trent River
Tributary to Neuse River
Map of Trent River mouth location
Map of Trent River mouth location
Location of Trent River mouth
Map of Trent River mouth location
Map of Trent River mouth location
Trent River (North Carolina) (the United States)
CountryUnited States
StateNorth Carolina
New Bern
Physical characteristics
SourceMathews Creek divide
 • locationabout 3 miles north of Pink Hill, North Carolina
 • coordinates35°06′04″N 077°44′47″W / 35.10111°N 77.74639°W / 35.10111; -77.74639[1]
 • elevation42 ft (13 m)[2]
MouthNeuse River
 • location
New Bern, North Carolina
 • coordinates
35°06′04″N 077°02′12″W / 35.10111°N 77.03667°W / 35.10111; -77.03667Coordinates: 35°06′04″N 077°02′12″W / 35.10111°N 77.03667°W / 35.10111; -77.03667[1]
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)[2]
Length87.15 mi (140.25 km)[3]
Basin size549.95 square miles (1,424.4 km2)[4]
 • locationNeuse River
 • average653.31 cu ft/s (18.500 m3/s) at mouth with Neuse River[4]
Basin features
ProgressionNeuse RiverPamlico SoundAtlantic Ocean
River systemNeuse River
 • leftHorse Branch, Joshua Branch, Black Swamp, Mill Branch, Little Chinquapin Branch, Chinquapin Branch, Beaver Creek, Resolution Branch, Musselshell Branch, Jumping Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Long Branch, Scott Creek, Rocky Run, Wilson Creek
 • rightRunning Branch, Beaverdam Swamp, Tuckahoe Creek, Reedy Branch, Cypress Creek, Jack Cabin Branch, Pocoson Branch, Poplar Branch, Crooked Run, French Branch, Mill Run, Little Hell Creek, Goshen Branch, Mill Creek, West Prong Raccoon Creek, Island Creek, Miry Hole Branch, Reedy Branch, Hoods Creek, Brice Creek
BridgesOld Pink Hill Road, NC 11, Davis Mill Road, Mark N. Smith Road, Perry Buzzard Road, US 258, Pleasant Hill Road (x2), Chinquapin Chapel Road, Middle Road, NC 41, US 17, US 70

The Trent River is a fresh water river of the coastal plain region of eastern North Carolina. It flows in an easterly direction from its origin approximately 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Kinston, North Carolina and traverses portions of Lenoir County, Jones County and Craven County prior to emptying into the Neuse River at New Bern, North Carolina. Trenton and Pollocksville are small towns that lie along its course. The river measures 720 yards (660 m) at its widest point and is fed by numerous fresh water branches and creeks along its length.

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