Trentabank Reservoir

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Trentabank Reservoir
Macclesfield Forest+Trentabank.jpg
Location Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire
Coordinates 53°14′20″N 2°3′27″W / 53.23889°N 2.05750°W / 53.23889; -2.05750Coordinates: 53°14′20″N 2°3′27″W / 53.23889°N 2.05750°W / 53.23889; -2.05750
Type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom
Surface area 23 acres (9.3 ha)

Trentabank Reservoir is located within Macclesfield Forest, partly in the Peak District National Park in England, and is home to rich unimproved uplands and grasslands. The reservoir is surrounded mainly by coniferous plantations and is also home to about 22 pairs of herons.

Water supply[edit]

Trentabank is the uppermost of four reservoirs which collect water from the hills at the head of the River Bollin, and water from Trentabank and Ridgegate supplies Macclesfield with the town's drinking water. The other two reservoirs are Bottoms and Teggsnose Reservoirs.

Nature reserve[edit]

Areas of the reservoir have been set up as Trentabank Reservoir Nature Reserve to protect the large number of heron living in this area. This, along with its ease of accessibility, make Trentabank one of the most visited reservoirs under the control of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. However, access to the reservoir is limited to a small area because of the nature reserve.


The reservoir consists of 42.7 acres within Macclesfield Forest.[1]


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